Teng-Hiok Chiu (Chou Ting-Hsu, 1903-1972) Untitled Gates
Lot 220
Teng-Hiok Chiu (Chou Ting-Hsu, 1903-1972) Untitled Gates
AU$ 10,000 - 15,000
US$ 9,300 - 14,000
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Teng-Hiok Chiu (Chou Ting-Hsu, 1903-1972)
Untitled Gates
Oil on canvas, double-sided painting
Signed 'Teng H. Chiu' in Pinyin (lower right of the landscape)
Painted circa 1930s

verso, Untitled Portrait of a Child
Oil on canvas
55.8cm x 49cm (recto), 40.9cm x 46cm (verso)


  • Provenance:
    Private collection NSW

    Born in the Gulangyu Island outside of Xiamen province, Chiu was admitted to the School of Museum of Fine Arts in Boston in 1921, and was the first foreigner to be granted the membership of Royal Society of British Artists. He was an active participant in the art circles of Europe and the United States from 1920s-1950s. Due to his unfortunate experience in the later years of his life, he was largely forgotten by the art world for decades. Only until very recently, he was reintroduced to United States and China through a few major retrospective shows as well as sales in international auction houses.

    Chiu's paintings are characterised by a particular flatness in his way of forming the objects, realised by sensitive yet playful contracts in shading. The artist sought a harmony of beautiful spaces, usually dividing the shapes with horizontal demarcations. This double-sided oil painting is rare in his creation, a similar work was sold in Christie's Hong Kong in 2009, Sale 2725 lot 1326.

    周廷旭 雙面風景肖像畫 油彩 畫布(雙面畫)
    簽名: Teng H. Chiu

    來源: 紐省私人收藏

    原籍廈門鼓浪嶼的周廷旭早於1921年進入波士頓美術博物館美術學院學習繪畫,是第一位被聘為英國皇家藝術家協會(Royal Society of British Artists)會員的外國人,在上世紀的20年代至50年代活躍於歐美畫壇。鼓浪嶼中西結合的文化背景,以及周廷旭遍及世界的足跡,醞釀了周氏相信藝術是無國界的語言的觀點。周廷旭善於以敏銳的觸覺捕捉大自然明眉的風景,以及常常被忽視的景物。本作品是作者難得的雙面油畫作品,周氏另一副雙面畫作見于2009年香港佳士得拍賣亞洲當代藝術專場2725拍品1326號。
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