Sheng Liangxian (1919 - 2008) Chang'e
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Sheng Liangxian (1919 - 2008) Chang'e
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Sheng Liangxian (1919 - 2008)
Ink and colour on paper
Inscribed and signed Sheng Liangxian, with one seal of the artist, dated 2002
44cm x 62cm


  • Provenance:
    Private Collection NSW, descended from the artist

    盛亮賢 奔月 設色紙本 二零零二年作
    款識: 壬午年春日盛亮賢畫
    钤印: 盛亮賢印

    來源: 直接繼承于畫家本人

    Sheng Liangxian, member of the Chinese Artists' Association (1962), was a professional Lianhuanhua artist. His work includes the very famous Dr. Bethune, introducing the doctor's life during the Sino-Japanese War in China, and other popular propaganda works during the Communist Era. During the 1990s, Mr Sheng also worked with a few overseas publishing houses, introducing tradition Chinese culture and history. His Trimetric Classic published in Singapore was chosen by UNESCO as a classic on Confucianism for the young. During his 30-year retirement, Mr Sheng created a large number of Chinese traditional paintings, genres including landscape, bird and flowers, and he was specialised in portraits.
    As the auction market for old Lianhuanhua works grows recently, Mr Sheng's works have become more and more popular amongst collectors. His watercolours featured in this section are all from a private collection of one of his descendants in New South Wales.

    Lianhuanhua, literally "linked pictures" or "serial pictures", is a palm-size picture book of sequential drawings found in China in the early 20th century, and was made extremely popular during the Communist era.

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