Carved Pietersite Elephant
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Carved Pietersite Elephant
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Carved Pietersite Elephant
A rare mineral sourced from the Hopewell Mine, Outjo, Kunene Region, Namibia, pietersite was discovered in 1962 by mineralogist Sid Pieters. Pietersite is excellent for use in jewelry and for ornamental carving due to its very high hardness of 7, its toughness and lack of cleavage. A variety of riebeckite, it crystallizes in the form of masses and its structure is a result of inclusions in jasper where the inclusions are pseudomorphs after a crocidolite-type asbestos. This is the only mine known to produce this rare form of tiger's eye. Both the limited production in Namibia and the embargo on export of tiger's eye rough by South Africa have caused the price of pietersite to rise dramatically over the years. The present elephant is carved from fine Namibian pietersite, the tusks are carved of marble. Length 8in
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