575cts faceted blue spodumene, var. kunzite
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Very Large and Important Spodumene
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575cts faceted blue spodumene, var. kunzite 575cts faceted blue spodumene, var. kunzite 575cts faceted blue spodumene, var. kunzite
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Very Large and Important Spodumene
Patroke mine, Nuristan, Afghanistan
The spodumene crystals from the pegmatite deposits in the Nuristan region are among the finest examples of this mineral ever found. They can come in a wide range of colors - purple and pink are more typical, as well as blue, green, and yellow. Spodumene, which is pleochroic will display different hues when viewed in different orientations, with the strongest color for light passing parallel to the long direction (c-axis) of the crystal.

Pure spodumene is colorless; the various colors (pink, purple, green, yellow) are due to the presence of trace elements such as manganese and iron. When mined, some spodumene emerges from the ground with a blue-violet or green color. This suggests that the crystals have been exposed to some natural source of radiation that produced these colors.

Spodumenes with a high degree of clarity are considered to be rare. The present offering is an extremely large stone, that is both eye and loupe clean, from this sought-after locality in Afghanistan. Yellow-Green to the center, the gem displays a large band of distinct blue color at either end of the stone. Blue spodumenes are exceptionally rare, and this a particularly beautiful one worthy of consideration by the most serious collector.
Weighing approximately 568.77 carats and measuring 69.60 x 35.35 x 26.70 mm


  • Accompanied by an AGL (American Gemological Laboratories) report CS 48804 dated 27 March 2012 stating that the 568.77 carats spodumene is natural spodumene, Light Grayish Violet and Pale Yellow-Green and that no gemological evidence of enhancements/treatments are present
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