An outstanding Junyao 'lotus' dish Song dynasty
Lot 9
An outstanding Junyao 'lotus' dish Song dynasty
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An outstanding Junyao 'lotus' dish
Song dynasty
The exquisitely potted dish of shallow form with gently ribbed sides rising to a barbed foliate rim, applied with a delicate lavender blue glaze thinning at the extremities. 11.5cm diam.


  • Provenance:
    Collection of Lord Rolf Cunliffe
    Collection of Professor and Mrs P.H. Plesch
    Sotheby's London, 12 July 2006, lot 39

    The Oriental Ceramic Society, Exhibition of Ju and Kuan Wares, London, 1952, p.11, no.19
    The Oriental Ceramic Society, Chun and Brown Glazes, London, 1952, cat. no.78

    Lord Rolf Cunliffe (1899-1963) was a prominent mid-twentieth century English collectors of Chinese ceramics and works of art. His purchases were almost all sourced from existing English and European collections. He lived in the heart of London just a few steps from the famous dealers Bluett and Sons and John Sparks. His first purchases were from Bluett and Sons on 30 November 1944, and he proceeded to puchase a total of over four hundred pieces over the next twenty years. After Cunliffe's death, Bluett and Sons prepared a brief valuation of some 600 items, of which some were sold in 1971 and 1973. The remainder of the Cunliffe collection was sold in our London rooms on 11 November 2002. The highlight of the collection was a Chenghua blue and white 'palace' bowl, purchased at the sale by Eskenazi Ltd., and subsequently included in their Fiftieth Anniversary Exhibition: Twelve Masterpieces of Chinese Art, or Porcelain, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Stone, from the 10th century BC to the Yongzheng reign, London, November 2010, cat. no. 9; and recently illustrated in the Xiling Collection, June 2011, p. 40, no.16.

    Lord Cunliffe was a prominent member of the Oriental Ceramic Society from 1946, and later took up the post of Honorary Keeper of the Oriental Department of the Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge in 1960. It was his close relationship and generosity to the Oriental Ceramic Society which led to various exhibitions of his collection, notably lending twenty-one pieces to the society's Song exhibition in 1949. During these series of shows, the current lot was featured in two Song exhibitions in 1952.

    Professor Peter Hariolf Plesch (b.1918), friend and doctor of Albert Einstein, left Frankfurt with his father in 1933. Educated at Harrow School and Trinity College, Cambridge University, he was fascinated by Chinese glass and had the billiard room in his house converted into a private museum. Also a collector of Song pieces and a frequent member of the Oriental Ceramic Society, he once lent a ruyao narcissus bowl he purchased from the J.T. Tai collection to the society's Song exhibition. As a collector of Chinese glass, the glass-like quality and its superior thick creamy lavender glaze of the current lot would surely have caught Plesch's gaze when he first acquired it. The superior quality of the glaze is comparable to a similar Junyao dish with foliated sides in the Sir Percival David collection, illustrated in Song Ceramics. Objects of Admiration, London, 2003, pp.46-47, no.13. See also a Guanyao piece of similar shape in the Sir Percival David collection, illustrated ibid, p.122-123, no.48, and another in Song Ceramics from the Kwan Collection, Hong Kong, 1994, p.40-41, no.2.

    宋 鈞窯粉青釉菱花口盤


    此盤來源於英國收藏家羅浮•康裏弗勛爵(Lord Rolf Cunliffe, 1899 – 1963)。羅浮勳爵是二十世紀中葉英國最具影響力的第二代中國古董藝術收藏家之一,他的藏品一般都來自當時已聞名於世的收藏。羅浮勳爵當時在倫敦的居所距Bluett and Sons和John Sparks僅幾步之遙,他於1944年11月30日第一次購得了自己心儀的藏品,隨後陸續收購了共計400餘件的中國古董藝術品。在羅浮勳爵逝世後,Bluett and Sons曾為其遺產中的中國藝術品估價,後在1971至1973年間陸續出售。羅浮勳爵最後一批藏品曾於2002年11月11日在倫敦邦瀚斯拍出,這其中也包括了曾在英國牛津阿什莫爾博物館展出的三件成化瓷。


    該盤不但釉色瑩潤,且傳承有序,盤底貼有所有經手收藏的標籤。此盤在羅浮勳爵之後由皮特•普萊氏教授(Professor Peter Hariolf Plesch, 1918 - ?)收藏。曾畢業於牛津大學的皮特教授同樣是中國宋元古瓷的忠實收藏家,他曾從戴潤齋購得一汝窯碗,並在後來蘇富比拍賣行舉辦的宋瓷特展中展出。

    與存世常見鈞窯器不同,此盤施釉均勻細膩,對釉色的控製似有結合模仿「汝」、「官」兩大名窯之特點,實爲難得。大衛德基金會藏一件北宋鈞窯天藍釉菱花口盤,與本盤比較,施釉較厚濁,釉色偏天青色,形製與本盤相似,詳見 Stacey Pierson, 《Song Ceramics, Objects of Admiration》, London, 2003年,頁46,圖版13。參見此著錄另一件南宋官窯天青釉菱花口盤(同前,頁122,圖版48)除其釉面有開片紋外,器形和釉色皆與此拍品都相近;另外一件大衛德藏宋官窯菱花口盤,器形也與其相類。