A selection of books and catalogues on classical Chinese painting
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A selection of books and catalogues on classical Chinese painting
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A selection of books and catalogues on classical Chinese painting
Including: Brushing the Past: Calligraphy from the Gift of Robert Hatfield Ellsworth, Washington D.C.: Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, 2000; Splendor of Yongle Painting: Portraits of Nine Luohan, Brussels: Gisele Croes S.A., 2002; Lawton, Thomas, Chinese Figure Painting, Washington D.C.: Freer Gallery of Art, Smithsonian Institution, 1973; Waley, Arthur, An Introduction to the Study of Chinese Painting, New York: Grove Press Books and Evergreen Books, 1958; David, Sir Percival, Chinese Connoisseurship: The Ko Ku Yao Lun: The Essential Criteria of Antiquities, London: Faber and Faber Limited, 1971; Yee, Chiang, Chinese Calligraphy: An Introduction to its Aesthetic and Technique, London: Methuen & Co., Ltd., 1955; Stanley-Baker, Joan, Old Masters Repainted: Wu Zhen, (1280-1354): Prime Objects and Accretions, Hong Kong: Hong Kong University Press, 1995; Sullivan, Michael: Symbols of Eternity: The Art of Landscape Painting in China, Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1979; Tsao Jung Ying, Chinese Paintings of the Middle Qing Dynasty, Berkeley: Jung Ying Tsao, 1987; Fine Chinese Calligraphy & Paintings, Korea: Yu Xiang Xuan, n.d.; Heavenly Horses, Hermes, 1997; Fu, Marilyn and Shen, Studies in Connoisseurship: Chinese Paintings from the Arthur M. Sackler Collection in New York and Princeton, Princeton, New Jersey: Princeton University Press, 1973; Vandier-Nicolas, Nicole, Chinese Painting: An Expression of a Civilization, New York: Rizzoli International Publications, Inc., 1983; Chou Ju-hsi, The Elegant Brush: Chinese Painting under the Qianlong Emperor, 1735-1795, Hong Kong: the Urban Council, Hong Kong, 1986; Chang, Joseph, Thomas Lawton and Stephen D. Allee, Masterpieces of Sung and Yuan Dynasty Calligraphy from the John M. Crawford Jr. Collection, New York: China Institute in America, 1981; Paintings by Yangzhou Artists of the Qing Dynasty from the Palace Museum Beijing & Hong Kong: the Palace Museum and The Art Gallery, The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1984; Cahill, James, The Compelling Image: Nature and Style in Seventeenth-Century Chinese Painting, Cambridge, Massachusetts: Harvard University Press, 1982; Fu, Shen C. Y., Traces of the Brush: Studies in Chinese Calligraphy, New Haven, Connecticut: Yale University Art Gallery, 1977; Scrolling Images: Chinese Painting and Calligraphy in Handscroll Format, London: Sydney L. Moss Ltd., ; Tam, Laurence C. S., Six Masters of Early Qing and Wu Li, Hong Kong: the Urban Council, 1986; A Gift of Heritage Selections from the Xubaizhai Collection of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, a two-volume set, Hong Kong: the Urban Council, 1992; Fu, Shen, Glenn D. Lowry, and Ann Yonemura, From Concept to Context: Approaches to Asian and Islamic Calligraphy, Washington D.C.: Smithsonian Institution, 1986; Contag, Victoria, Chinese Masters of the 17th Century, London: Victoria Contag, 1969; Na Chih-Liang, The Emperor's Procession: Two Scrolls of the Ming Dynasty, Taipei: The National Palace Museum, 1970; Zhu Jiajin, ed., Treasures of China (Guobao), Hong Kong: The Commercial Press, Ltd., 1983; Selected Works by Chinese Calligraphers and Painters 《中國書畫名家作品選集》 (Zhongguo shuhua mingjia zuopin xuanji), Shenzhen, China: 东方艺术公司 Dongfang yishu gongsi, 1987; The Grandeur of Chinese Art Treasures: Min Chiu Society Golden Jubilee Exhibition, Hong Kong: The Leisure and Cultural Services Department, 2010; Hung, William S. H., J.D., A Complete Course in The Art of Chinese Calligraphy Principles and Practice, Hong Kong: Michael Stevenson (Publishing) Limited, n.d.; The Four Monks Painters Paintings from Shanghai Museum Collection, Hong Kong: Tai Yip Company, Shanghai People's Fine Arts Publishing House, 1990.
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