A court necklace Late Qing Dynasty
Lot 665
A court necklace Late Qing Dynasty
HK$ 300,000 - 500,000
US$ 39,000 - 64,000
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Various Owners
A court necklace
Late Qing Dynasty
The amulet of good fortune comprising of a hundred and eight coral beads, spaced by four large black beads, the fota in a double-gourd shape suspending a flattened gold mounted pendant and terminating in an amethyst dewdrop, further enhanced by three tassels strung with jadeite beads, each terminating in an amethyst drop pendant
Total length: 160cm.


  • Court necklaces were a crucial component to a court dress as it indicates both rank and seasons, with varying raw materials required for different ceremonies. The materials and form of the court necklace were strictly codified in Qing Huidian Tukao, a set of principles established in the early Qing dynasty and also in the Huangchao Liqi Tushi, which was subsequently revised during the thirty-first year of Qianlong reign. The present lot is comparable in form to a court bead necklace in the Palace Museum, Beijing, illustrated in Xu Qixian,Treasures of Imperial court: The complete collection of treasures of the Palace museum, Hong Kong, 2004, pp.98-99, pl.88-89.

    清晚期 朝珠
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