A zitan ruyi with inlaid jade plaques Ming dynasty
Lot 664
A jade-inlaid zitan ruyi Ming dynasty
HK$ 200,000 - 300,000
US$ 26,000 - 39,000
Lot Details
Various Owners
A jade-inlaid zitan ruyi
Ming dynasty
The scepter with arched mid section and upturned head, finely carved on the upper surface in high relief with a continuous scene of five dragons in flight amongst clouds searching for flaming pearls, the head, waist and tail individually inlaid with individual jade plaques in various forms, one circular with a centralised dragon, the other with coiled dragon surmounted by a ruyi-head and the last in the shape of a flaming pearl.
46.7cm long.


  • 明 紫檀高浮雕龍紋三鑲玉如意
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