A white jade apsara  Liao Dynasty
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A white jade figure of an apsara Liao Dynasty
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The Property of a Gentleman
A white jade figure of an apsara
Liao Dynasty
Finely worked as a deity flying through the air in openwork with downcast eyes portraying a serene expression, head upright with the upper part of the torso facing forward while the rest of the body and legs appear in profile, adorned with a head-ornament and a lopped large floating scarf around the shoulder, the drapery and ribbons flowing in the breeze, flattened on the reverse.
5cm high.


  • Provenance 來源:
    J.J. Lally & Co, New York

    Early works of art representing the theme of heavenly beings, which were excavated in cave 285 in Dunhuang in Gansu province were notably depicted without cloud supports. These productions contrast greatly in comparison to the productions of the Tang period where works were almost invariably shown with tri-lobed cloud and subsequently a continuous rolling cloud as trends continued to deviate over time.

    遼 青白玉雕飛天飾件