An Yixing lobed teapot and cover, signed Wang Yexian
Lot 570
An Yixing lobed teapot and cover signed Wang Yinchun
HK$ 100,000 - 200,000
US$ 13,000 - 26,000
Lot Details
The Property of a Gentleman
An Yixing lobed teapot and cover
signed Wang Yinchun
Of chrysanthemum form rising from a slightly recessed foot, the lobed sides flanked by an ear-shaped loop handle opposite the swan-neck spout, the skillfully fitted cover rising to a circular finial, the interior of the cover inscribed with a two character kaishu mark, the underside impressed with a three-character zhuanshu square seal mark, embroidered pouch.
15.5cm wide. (2) (2).


  • Wang Yinchun (1897 - 1977) is well-known for his efficient yet high standard production of teapots in various forms. It is said Wang used to make more than ten pieces each day without any compromise on the quality of a single teapot. For a almost identical teapot made by Wang Yinchun, currently collected in the Yixing Pottery Museum, see Gu Jingzhou (ed.) Yixing zisha zhenshang, Hong Kong, 1992, p.181, pl.181. For more notes on Wang Yinchun, see lot 566.