An Yixing 'ox-snout' 'lotus' teapot and cover, signed Zhu Kexin
Lot 564
An Yixing 'ox-snout' 'lotus' teapot and cover, signed Zhu Kexin
HK$ 150,000 - 230,000
US$ 19,000 - 30,000
Lot Details
Yixing stoneware from a private Asian collection (lots 554-566)
An Yixing 'ox-snout' 'lotus' teapot and cover,
signed Zhu Kexin
Of cylindrical form rising to tall shoulders and a lipped rim, flanked on each side with a small spout and a 'C'-shaped handle, the slightly domed cover with a flattened knop, the inside cover with a zhuanshu seal mark, the base with an additional three-character zhuanshu square seal mark.
15.6cm wide. (2).


  • Zhu Kexin (1904-1986), alias Kai Zhang, is a famous contemporary Yixing stoneware master. He started as an apprentice at fifteen years old and by 1930, he was invited to teach at a school in Jiangsu. Two years later in the field he became a master potter and performed indepth research at other institutions. Zhu particularly liked floral motifs, applied motifs such as pine, bamboo and prunus on his teapots. His ox-shaped teapots are rare.




    朱可心(1904 – 1986),原名凱長,近當代宜興紫砂名師,可心一名,取意「虛心者可師,壺中水清心」。朱氏15歲便從師紫砂名工汪昇義,民國十九年(1930年)受聘為江蘇省立宜興陶瓷職業學校指導員,兩年後受聘於宜興中學窯業科,任陶瓷技師。1954年,曾到中央美術學院華東分院(現中國美術學院)學習研究紫砂陶藝。朱可心擅長花貨造型,常以松、竹、梅為題材作茗壺,此牛蓋蓮子壺為其罕見作品。