A gilt-bronze and champlevé-enamelled box and cover Qianlong
Lot 534
A gilt-bronze and champlevé-enamelled box and cover Qianlong
Sold for HK$ 75,000 (US$ 9,671) inc. premium
Lot Details
Property from an important private collection (lots 531-538)
A gilt-bronze and champlevé-enamelled box and cover
Of square form with quatrelobed sides separated by vertical ribs, the dome of the cover with a centralised lotus blossom issuing vines and archaistic dragons framed within a band of ruyi-head scrolls, each side with an additional two lotus blossoms surrounded by archaistic motifs amongst vine scrolls, all seated above a flared footrim decorated in a continuous leafy vine scroll, overall enamelled in brilliant tones of blue, turquoise, red, pink, green and white on a gilded golden ground.
7.7cm wide. (2).


  • Provenance 來源:
    A French private collection
    Tajan Paris, 14 December 2010, lot 292

    Although the current lot is small in size, the workmanship is outstanding. Utilising the champlevé-enamelled technique, the decorative subject of the current lot is depicted tightly, finely enamelled and well polished. It illustrates the outstanding use of falangcai, which reflects the quality produced during the Qianlong period. This rare example is sometimes found within scholar studios or for Imperial use and is for storing incense or seal paste.

    Compare an almost identical pair of gilt-bronze and champlevé-enamelled boxes and covers bearing Qianlong four-character reign marks, sold at Woolley & Wallis, 17 November 2010, lot 71. See also a very similar example sold at Sotheby's London, 13 November 2002, lot 22. Compare also a zitan with inlaid-jade example of the same quatrelobed form, sold at Christie's Hong Kong, 30 May 2012, lot 4195.

    清乾隆 內堉琺瑯番蓮龍紋倭角小盒


    此內堉小盒採鑄胎鏨雕而成,盒雖小但作工一絲不苟,構圖繁密,釉色鮮豔,器表光滑,工藝水平讓人驚嘆不已,反映出清乾隆朝琺瑯工藝水平之精湛,此盒實為文房器物裡極罕見之妙品佳作,應為宮中作為盛香或印盒用物。如是次拍品般的一對完全一致內堉琺瑯四方倭角小盒,見英國WOOLLEY & WALLIS拍賣公司,2010年11月17日,拍品編號71,另外一件完全一樣的內堉小盒,見倫敦蘇富比,2002年11月13日,拍品編號22。就造形參考方面,可參考一件乾隆紫橿崁玉小倭角盒,見香港佳士得,2012年5月30日,拍品編號4195。