The Glenfiddich Janet Roberts Reserve- 1955- 55 year old
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The Glenfiddich Janet Roberts Reserve- 1955- 55 year old
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(Select Whisky) The Glenfiddich Janet Roberts Reserve- 1955- 55 year old
This rare and exclusive bottle of 55 Year Old is Glenfiddich's way of commemorating and celebrating Janet's unique contribution to Glenfiddich and her 110th birthday. Wee Janie was 54 when the cask was filled on New Year's 1955. Since then, it has spent the last 55 years maturing in the darkness and chill of Warehouse 29 from 1955 to 2011. After maturation, there is precious little whisky left in refill butt no. 4222. Most has soaked into the barrel or evaporated just 11 bottles were filled in November 2011 at 44.4% volume

這一支稀有的55年陳釀可謂獨一無二,是格蘭菲特專誠為紀念珍妮‧舒特‧羅伯茲女士(Janet Sheed Roberts)110歲誕辰而推出的。此酒於1955年的新年入桶,當年的羅伯茲女士才54歲。之後,該桶酒在漆黑寒冷的29號酒庫裡慢慢熟成了55年,最終4222號大酒桶裡的大部分液體都給酒桶吸收或被蒸發掉,只餘下少量珍貴的精華,在2011年11月裝出11瓶酒精度為44.4%的威士忌。

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  • Tasting notes:
    This precious whisky is pale gold in colour, the hue of autumn barley. On the nose, it is light and delicate with aromas of soft orange blossom and delicate violets intermingling with notes of toasted almonds and the subtlest whiff of smoke, the sweetness brought out more with a few drops of water. A perfect harmony of fruit and floral aromas, it has a surprisingly light touch of oak, incredible for a whisky that has spent so long in European wood. On the taste, creamy vanilla and a gentle smokiness are beautifully counterbalanced with some sweeter oak notes. A drop or two of water releases further zesty orange flavours and an incredible vibrancy. Immediately after tasting, the finish is slightly dry, but grows with time to become extremely long, lively and sweet. It seems incredible, but the original Highland character of this precious whisky really shines through, even after so many decades, just like The Wee Janie.


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