Courvoisier Erté Collection (no. 1- 8) <BR /> No. 1 Vigne<BR /> No. 2 Vendanges<BR /> No. 3 Distillation<BR /> No.4 Vieilissement<BR /> No. 5 Dégustation<BR /> No. 6 L'Esprit du Cognac<BR /> No. 7 La Part des Anges<BR /> No. 8 inédit
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Courvoisier Erté Collection (no. 1- 8)
No. 1 Vigne
No. 2 Vendanges
No. 3 Distillation
No. 4 Vieilissement
No. 5 Dégustation
No. 6 L'Esprit du Cognac
No. 7 La Part des Anges
No. 8 inédit
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Courvoisier Erté Collection (no. 1- 8)
拿破崙依得珍藏系列 (1-8)

No. 1 Vigne
Bottle number 10544. 750ml. 40% volume
No. 2 Vendanges
Bottle number 1555. 750ml. 40% volume
No. 3 Distillation
Bottle number 5885. 75cl. 40% volume
No. 4 Vieilissement
Bottle number 3929. 70cl. 40% volume
No. 5 Dégustation
Bottle number 6177. 70cl. 40% volume
No. 6 L'Esprit du Cognac
Bottle number 4457. 70cl. 40% volume
No. 7 La Part des Anges
Bottle number 4930. 70cl. 40% volume
No. 8 inédit
Bottle number 583. 750ml. 40% volume
8 bottles


  • Rare bottles are designed by famed Art Deco artist and fashion illustrator Erté 20 years ago. The legendary cognac house commissioned the seven bottles set from the Russian-born artist for its extraordinary blend of precious Grande Champagne cognacs, some dating back to 1892. Each of the seven bottles' designs represents a different facet of the cognac making process:
    珍貴的酒瓶由著名裝飾藝術(Art Deco)設計大師及時裝畫家伊德(Erté)於20多年前設計。傳奇的拿破崙酒廠委託這位來自俄羅斯的藝術家設計一系列共七款的酒瓶,用以盛載非凡珍貴的大香檳區干邑白蘭地。這些陳年佳釀均為極品,有些的年份更遠至1892年。酒瓶的七款設計表現了干邑釀製過程中的不同面貌:

    No.1 Vigne (Vine)- Erté uses vivid colour to reflect the warmth and sensuality of the cognac. On the reverse, the gold vine leaf symbolizes the precious quality of the grapes that make up this rare blend.
    第一支 葡萄樹(Vigne):伊德以艷麗的色彩描繪出干邑的熱情與性感,而金色的葡萄葉象徵葡萄的珍貴品質,是稀有佳釀的原材料。

    No. 2 Vendanges (Harvest)- These grapes offered to the sun reflect the beauty of the harvest and also my tribute to Art... From these grapes an amber-coloured spirit will be born: Courvoisier cognac.
    第二支 豐收(Vendanges):向太陽奉獻的葡萄果實表現了豐收的美,以及伊德對藝術的稱頌......有了這些果實,才能釀造出琥珀色的美酒:拿破崙干邑白蘭地。

    No. 3 Distillation- is the art of taking away from the wine its soul man's everlasting dream. Like a legendary Phoenix, Courvoisier increasingly renews this dream.
    第三支 精煉(Distillation):蒸餾是從葡萄酒中提煉出其靈魂的藝術,能實現人類不朽之夢。就像傳說中的鳳凰一樣,拿破崙酒廠不斷令此美夢重生。

    No. 4 Vieilissement (Aging) – is inspired by the protracted ageing process for cognac, which Erté likens to a mother nurturing her children. Each individually numbered decanter is entrusted to a master craftsman who over four weeks painstakingly effects the separate silk screenings for different colour, kiln baking and painting of rare pigments including 24 carat gold.
    第四支 陳釀(Vieilissement):靈感來自干邑悠長的陳釀過程,伊德將之比作為母親養育孩子。每一個獨立編號的玻璃酒瓶均交由一位工藝大師精心製作,他們不辭勞苦整整一個月,為不同的顏色絲印、窯烤,並以24k黃金等稀有色素手繪上色。

    No. 5 Dégustation (Tasting) – is inspired by the "swirl" of Cognac in the glass, which releases the passion and intensity of the spirit. This helps enhance the appreciation of aroma and is the first stage in tasting process.
    第五支 品嚐(Dégustation):靈感來自酒杯裡干邑白蘭地的「旋動」,讓美酒的濃香與激情都釋放出來,幫助提升酒香的鑑賞,是品酒的第一步。

    No. 6 L'Esprit du Cognac (The spirit of Cognac) – Captures the soul of cognac through the seductive grace of an exotic dancer, rising from mysterious depth. Subdued yet vibrant colours are used to symbolize the various stages leading to a state of perfect harmony.
    第六支 干邑精華(L'Esprit du Cognac):來自神秘深處的異國舞者優雅誘人,展示了干邑的精髓。柔和而明亮的色彩一向象徵著達至完美和諧的不同階段。

    No. 7 La Part Des Anges (Angel's Share) – is the interpretation of a heavenly reception for the glorious essence which escapes from the casks of ageing cognac. Erté celebrates this mystical assimilation by depicting joyous angels welcoming the ascending perfume, which symbolized by a graceful woman into Paradise.
    第七支 天使之享(La Part Des Anges):陳年干邑酒桶散發出美妙精華,獲天國熱烈相迎。伊德通過畫筆贊美這種奧妙的融合,一位典雅的女士象徵升華的酒香,在天堂得到一群快樂天使的歡迎。

    No. 8 Inédit (Unpublished) –was the prologue and inspiration for Erté seven collection designs, which depict the time honored cognac making process. Only 4,000 bottles produced.
    第八支 未公開的典藏(Inédit):是伊德七款珍藏設計的序幕及靈感源泉,繪出尊崇干邑釀造的時光,只限量生產了4000瓶。
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