He Baili (Paklee Ho, b.1945) Mount Taihang
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He Baili (Paklee Ho, b.1945) Mount Taihang
HK$ 250,000 - 350,000
US$ 32,000 - 45,000
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He Baili (Paklee Ho, b.1945)
Mount Taihang
Ink and colour on paper, framed and glazed
Inscribed and signed Baili, with three seals of the artist
Dated renchen year (2012)
65.5cm x 123cm (25¾in x 48½in).


  • 何百里 壯美太行山 設色紙本 鏡框 二〇一二年作


    He Baili was born in Shun Tak County, Guandong province. At the age of fourteen, he began studying Lingnan school painting. He then concentrated on creative landscape paintings, moving from intensive copying of nature to expressive impressionist works.

    After he immigrated to Canada in 1984, he conducted an extensive study of Chinese paintings in Western museums, and focused his efforts on studying Song and Yuan paintings. He ultimately developed a style that harmonises the spirit of East and West, the ancient and contemporary art known as the "He style of landscape painting," characterised by an integration of ink and color, and the refinement of traditional techniques. He has resided in Canada for more than twenty years.

    His recent works arrest the viewers' eyes with their extravagant colours and natural flow of brushstrokes, creating a style that pays attention to both expression and craftsmanship.

    The published works of this artist include Works of Art by He Baili, Baili's Vision, He Baili's Idyllic Hong Kong in Ink, Miniatures, and Fan Paintings by He Baili.

    何百里,嶺南畫派第四代傳人,1945年出生於廣州,早歲習嶺派技法並萌志發展嶺派山水新方向。弱冠舉辦首屆個展,以香港風光寫生爲主,並得張大千先生爲其畫冊封面作品嘉題,哄動於時。 1970-1980年間,風格由濃厚寫生氣息一變爲水墨大寫意山水,取勢曠闊,用筆豪邁,風格突出。 1984年移居北美洲,飽覽歐美各大美術博物館,就於博取西洋繪畫之長和研究宋元山水所得,將兩者做有機的結合,創立了彩墨交融,古情新意的「何家山水」。

    始於1988年,何氏的山水創作首次出現於紐約佳士得拍賣目錄,至今在國際藝術市場已有二十多年歷史。 2002年法國藝術市場透視網站Art Market Insight,發表全球1000位當年破紀錄的藝術家,何氏是唯一在世的中國畫家,排名第639。

    何百里認爲藝術的永恆魅力,是一個「變」字。四十多年來,何氏畫風及題材就隨著生活環境的變遷而變化,從早歲率性描述香江漁舟田野,旅加後筆底氣象萬千的連 綿山嶺和錦繡奪目的加國楓彩系列,到回歸後秀美的中國山川意境,均各具特色。近期主力「方韻系列」創作,強調一種意象之美。雖有所本,但境在像外,移形入 意,筆觸和隨機墨彩交融,顯得更爲流動和幻化。新法新貌,備受藏家認同。

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