An emerald-green glass overlay 'auspicious objects' snuff bottle 1770-1810
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An emerald-green glass overlay 'auspicious objects' snuff bottle 1770-1810
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An emerald-green glass overlay 'auspicious objects' snuff bottle
6.12cm high.


  • Treasury 5, no. 946


    An emerald-green glass overlay 'auspicious objects' snuff bottle

    Transparent emerald-green and milky glass suffused with air bubbles of various sizes and small white flakes; with a flat lip and recessed convex foot surrounded by a protruding rounded footrim; carved as a single overlay with auspicious and symbolic objects on each main side, one with a crackled vase containing flowering peonies, set on a stand with formalized lingzhi-head feet, a qin partially wrapped in a brocade bag, two boxes of weiqi pieces, three rolled hanging scrolls, and a seal, inscribed with the character fu in negative seal script, the other with a covered box on an elaborate high stand, a ding tripod vessel, a covered vase, a set of books, a handscroll, and a folded weiqi board, the narrow sides with bat and ring handles
    Height: 6.12 cm
    Mouth/lip: 0.80/1.55 cm
    Stopper: coral; glass finial; vinyl collar

    Condition: Barely perceptible chip to one ring of mask handle, and similarly from the top of the seal; otherwise, workshop condition

    Alice B. McReynolds
    Joseph B. Silver
    Christie's Hong Kong, 2 October 1991, lot 1135

    Silver 1987, no. 19
    Treasury 5, no. 946

    Israel Museum, Jerusalem, Winter 1987

    The rare bat-and-ring handles are not an essential part of the main design, although they add to the symbolism in a pleasant and appropriate manner.

    This bottle is probably from the second half of the Qianlong era. The carving is excellent and very detailed, displaying considerable technical confidence, but a gradual decline in standards is betrayed by the undulating ground plane and the slightly uneven match of the overlay colour to the shape of the footrim. Its dense snowstorm ground is one which we have suggested was not fashionable until the latter part of the Qianlong era. The elongated ring handles would fit comfortably into the mid-Qing period.


    高﹕ 6.12 厘米
    口徑/唇徑: 0.80/1.55 厘米
    蓋﹕ 珊瑚; 玻璃頂飾;乙烯基座

    狀態敘述: 一環耳有幾乎看不見的缺口,圖中的印也有幾乎看不見的缺口;此外,出坊狀態

    Alice B. McReynolds
    Joseph B. Silver
    香港佳士得,1991年10月2日,拍賣品號 1135

    Silver 1987, 編號 19
    Treasury 5, 編號 946

    Israel Museum, 耶路撒冷, 1987年冬