Tommy Watson (born circa 1935) Ngayulu Ngura
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Tommy Watson (born circa 1935) Ngayulu Ngura
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Tommy Watson (born circa 1935)
Ngayulu Ngura
bears artist's name and Irrunytju Artists catalogue number IRRTW02105 on the reverse
synthetic polymer paint on canvas
78 x 62.5cm


    Painted in 2002
    Irrunytju Artists, Wingella, Western Australia
    Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney
    Private collection

    During 2001, after a slow genesis, women of the tjanpi weaving project began producing work on canvas. This output culminated in the establishment of Irrunytju Arts situated between the Western Desert, Anangu Pitjantjatjara Yankunytjatjara and Ngaanyatjarra lands. Significantly, the women artists forged the way for the conservative male elders who had for many years challenged the commercial and painterly expressions of their relatives in the Western Desert.

    Inspired by female painters such as Anmanari Brown and Wingu Tingima, in 2002 male elders such as Tommy Watson, Tjuruparu Watson, Clem Rictor and Nyakul Watson began producing paintings on canvas of their tjukurrpa (Dreaming).

    Painted during the artist's first forays with acrylic on canvas, this example was originally exhibited at the first mens show of Irryuntju Art in 2002 held at Aboriginal and Pacific Art, Sydney. At this time the men worked on small canvases only moving to larger compositions in the following year.

    This painting is sold with accompanying Irrunytju Arts documentation with the artist's statement: 'This is my country near Walytjitjara. The yellow circles are spinifex. You can see the creek beds with water in them'.
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