Anonymous Kano style, 19th century
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Anonymous Kano style, 19th century
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Anonymous Kano style, 19th century
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Kano style, 19th century
Six original kakejiku, mounted as a six-fold screen, in ink, moriage, gold and colour on paper, each panel depicting a tethered falcon (taka), each bird positioned slightly differently, standing on a long perch from which a sumptuous brocade banner is suspended, staring ahead, with its head turned in the direction of its companion or perhaps eyeing some prey outside the painting space, unsigned. 175cm x 357cm (68 7/8in x 140 7/16in).


  • 鷹図屏風 無銘 六曲一隻(六幅) 紙本着色 19世紀

    Falconry hunting with hawks bred in the countryside was practiced in Japan from ancient times. The falcons used for this pastime were carefully selected from the forty-eight places in Japan where falcons were found. There were also rules regarding their decoration for this presentation. They were fastened to their perch with leather bands and cords, tied in elaborate knots (as in this example) that showed insiders the district from whence the birds originally came.

    As a sport it is thought to have come to Japan from China as early as the fourth century. During the Edo Period, it was patronized by the Shogunate, and an official master falconer was appointed. It also became popular among warriors, and many paintings of falcons and prized hawks with their solemn and majestic appearance came to be created in large numbers from the late Muromachi Period onwards.
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