An Indian miniature painting depicting Krishna and high consort, framed
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Rama and Sita enthroned Jaipur, circa 1780
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Rama and Sita enthroned
Jaipur, circa 1780
opaque watercolor, gesso, gold, and mica; under an arched pavilion, Rama and Sita are seated on a European style gilt throne with Hanuman standing before them with his hands joined in reverence. Behind stand Lakshmana, Bharata, and Shatrughna holding flywhisk and morchals. All are adorned with raised pearl necklaces gilt bazubands and bracelets, and each male wears with a raised gilt crown inlaid with mica. Image: 28 x 16½ in. (71.1 x 41.9 cm); Folio: 28½ x 24½ in. (72.4 x 62.2 cm.)


  • Compare with a slightly less refined painting of Svakiya Nayika from the Tandon Collection, see Tandon, Indian Miniature Painting, 1982, fig. 176. Both have the raised jewelry decoration and have similar floral treatment to the spandrels. Also compare with a page in the Fine Arts Museum, Boston, see Cummins, Indian Painting from Cave Temples to the Colonial Period, 2006, no. 79, p. 145 and another in Pal, Dancing to the Flute, 1997, no. 30, p. 81.

    Estate of Ladislav Majringer
    Private Collection, California

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