A bronze cheddhi Thailand, Lopburi, 13th Century
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A bronze cheddhi Thailand, Lopburi, 13th Century
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A bronze cheddhi
Thailand, Lopburi, 13th Century
The tower is divided into four separately cast sections with interlock to form a rounded pyramidal structure. it is decorated by a series of fifteen buddhas, nine in the lower-most row and six above. All are identically seated upon stylized double lotus bases in vajrasana, their hands held on their knees in bhumisparsa mudra. Above the figures, are series of striated archways supported by columns are connected to one another, and the entire structure is crowned by a pointed finial adorned with lotus leaves.
15 3/8 in. (39.1 cm) high


  • For a very closely related example in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, see Menzies, Radiant Awakening, 2001, no. 31, p. 55. For a full discussion and images of the main tower (prang) of Wat Mahathat in Lopburi, see Leksukhum in The Kingdom of Siam, 2005, p. 61.

    Private Collection, New York
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