Candle stick Damascened bronze with gold inlay Lucknow 18th/19th century
Lot 1067
A damascened candle stand (chiraghdan) Lucknow, 18th/19th century
Sold for US$ 1,500 inc. premium
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Lot Details
Property from the Paul F. Walter Collection
A damascened candle stand (chiraghdan)
Lucknow, 18th/19th century
The cylindrical shaft worked with delicate gold inlay of foliate scrolls and meandering leafy vines, with raised discs and bands and set on a spreading base.
13 1/2 in. (34.3 cm.) high


  • Koftgari is a traditional Indo-Persian form of the art of damascening, which is the process of inlaying wires of gold, or sometimes silver, into an object of steel or iron. While this technique was originally used on weaponry and armory throughout Persia and Northern India, by the end of the 18th century it was more often used for decorative objects such as candlesticks.

    Compare the form with an early bronze example in Zebrowski, Gold, Silver & Bronze, 1997, no. 125, p. 113.

    Acquired from a private collector, 1982.
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