An Egyptian round topped limestone stele
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An Egyptian round topped limestone stele
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An Egyptian round topped limestone stele
New Kingdom, Ramesside, 19th Dynasty, circa 1295-1186 B.C.
Carved in shallow relief in two registers, the upper register depicting the deceased wearing a pleated long kilt, with hands raised in adoration to the enthroned figure of Osiris with Isis standing behind, shown wearing the cow horn and sun disc, with six columns of text with epithets of Osiris : 'Great god, Wen(nefer)' and also the extremely rare epithet 'Ruler of Ankhet i.s. the West', and the uncommon epithet of Isis 'She who bore the gods', the deceased is named as 'the Servant Asha-ahaef-em-Re', in the lower register the tree-goddess Nut is shown offering water and bread to two Ba birds representing the deceased and his wife in the Afterlife, on the right a male with shaven head and pleated kilt, possibly the deceased, presents a tray of offerings to two seated females wearing long gowns and long wigs with an unguent cone on top, one holding a lotus flower, above five columns for the text left blank, 13in x 9¼in (33cm x 23.5cm)


  • Provenance:
    French private collection. Acquired by the present owner in Egypt in the 1960s.
    Accompanied by a copy of a report written by the Parisian antiquities experts Le Corneur and Roudillon.

    For a similar representation of the tree-goddess Nut, cf. N. Billing, Nut the Goddess of Life in text and iconography, Uppsala Studies in Egyptology 5, Uppsala, 2002, pp. 280-292, IV.3.4.
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