Jerry Garcia painting & 2 speakers from the Wall of Sound. To be valued.
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A Jerry Garcia original oil painting, Mood River
US$ 100,000 - 150,000
£59,000 - 89,000
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A Jerry Garcia original oil painting, Mood River
Oil on cut-out board. Upper right corner a bit damaged with a 24-inch long, 4-inch wide loss, otherwise in very good condition, matted, glazed and framed.
Mood River was painted by Jerry Garcia in late 1959 while attending the San Francisco Art Institute. It is one of five known oil paintings to survive this period. The five oils (along with a series of cartoon drawings) represent "The Early Years" of Jerry's art work. When Mood River was painted, Jerry was studying under Elmer Bischoff, one of the masters of Bay Area Figurative Art.
Jerry's brother, Tiff, states: "When Jerry finished his art classes in the late fifties, I helped him pick up his artwork from school and we took it to our mom's house in Cazadero on the Russian River. One of the paintings, Dog Print, was still wet so Jerry laid it on the floor to dry – unprotected. It wasn't long before the family Doberman, Rusty, left his print in the wet paint. Mood River was already dry, but managed to get slightly damaged during its stay in Cazadero.
When Jerry moved out of the Cazadero house in 1960, he gave the paintings to me and nonchalantly said 'You can have them if you want them.' I stored them at our mom's house in San Francisco and subsequently transported them from house to house as I moved around San Francisco and Marin County – storing them in my garage or storage shed. After Jerry's death, the five oils were restored and framed. Three of the five were shown at City Hall in San Francisco for the launching of 'Jerry Garcia The Collected Artwork' in 2005. The five oils were shown together for the first time at the Matrix Filmore in 2006. I have, after much thought and sadness at separating the five oils decided to bring Mood River out of storage and offer it for sale. I believe Mood River, as one of the 'Early Works,' is unique in that it represents a glimpse into the beginning or early formation of a budding artist who eventually went on to explore and produce artworks in multiple mediums and styles – as well as becoming a great musician."

45 x 35 in. (frame)
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