Rare Angu (Kukukuku) Club, Papua New Guinea
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Rare Angu (Kukukuku) Club, Papua New Guinea
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Rare Angu (Kukukuku) Club, Papua New Guinea
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Rare Angu (Kukukuku) Club, Papua New Guinea
length 48 3/4in (124cm)
the long wooden shaft with a circular, pierced, flat and smoothly ground stone disc adhered to one side.

Field collected prior to Australian control in 1912
De-accessioned from a private museum (collection number written on stone)
Private American Collection

Cf. "Stone Age technology in the 20th century: Pierced stone club heads on New Guinea", OAS Newsletter Vol. 16, No. 5, pp 8-9.

These disk shaped stone clubs originate from the Eastern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. The Angu people (called the Kukukuku by their enemies) shape these river stones into many formidable shapes (disk, star, pineapple, round) suitable for killing. Granite stone headed clubs were effective for attacking victims with blows to the head during village raids. The stone was fashioned from river rock into a variety of shapes allowing for artistic and practical manufacture. After the desired shape the stone is hafted to a wooden handle. It is very rare to find a club complete with the wood shaft.
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