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BOLÍVAR (SIMÓN) Letter signed ("Simon Bolivar"), to an unnamed correspondent ("Your Excellency"), in Spanish, 1825
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Letter signed ("Simon Bolivar"), to an unnamed correspondent ("Your Excellency"), in Spanish, thanking him for his communication conveying the sentiments of the sovereign congress, especially the authority by which ministers are consulted; and conveying to him by means of the present letter his deep gratitude for his unlimited trust; but begging to be allowed to observe that, as far as that trust goes, there are certain negotiations that need to be authorised by the representative body and that these are exclusively within the remit of the representatives of the people; urging him therefore that Congress resolves the matter, and acknowledging once more the consideration that has been shown him, and for their approval of the decrees issued by him during his dictatorship and for allowing him to settle the rewards to be given to troops that have effected the liberation; and subscribing himself with deep gratitude and respect, 3 pages, paper watermarked 'Ap/ne', one or two old stains but overall in fine fresh and attractive condition, folio, docketed 18 February 1825


  • BOLIVAR ON HIS DUTIES AS DICTATOR AND THE POWERS OF CONGRESS, a fine diplomatically-poised letter, albeit one seemingly not free of deliberate obfuscation in the face of conflicting demands that his unparalleled position as liberator and dictator have placed on him. From 1821 Bolivar had served as President of Gran Colombia, comprising much of modern Colombia, Panama, Venezuela, Ecuador, northern Peru and northwest Brazil, . He was proclaimed Dictator of Peru in February 1822, with the task of liberating the country, defeating remaining Spanish forces by the end of the year. Just prior to this letter, on 10 February, he had given up his title of Dictator of Peru and adopted instead that of Liberator. On 25 February 1825, Bolivar and the Constituent Congress proclaimed a law defining the new national symbols, establishing the Coat of Arms close to that which is still current.
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