VANUNU (MORDECHAI) Long autograph letter signed ('Vanunu Mordechai J.C.'), to Marco Keiner, vehemently disagreeing with Keiner's views on German unification, the Holocaust and his general view of German history, 1996
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VANUNU (MORDECHAI) Long autograph letter signed ('Vanunu Mordechai J.C.'), to Marco Keiner, vehemently disagreeing with Keiner's views on German unification, the Holocaust and his general view of German history, 1996
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Long autograph letter signed ("Vanunu Mordechai J.C."), to Marco Keiner, vehemently disagreeing with Keiner's views on German unification, the Holocaust and his general view of German history, and ending "that is my first and last letter to you", 3 full pages, on lined paper with filing holes, with the original autograph envelope addressed to Keiner in Ubilingen Germany, folio, Ashkelon Prison, Ashkelon, Israel, July 1996


  • Accusing Keiner of being "under a very heavy psychologic brain wash from other state[s]", namely England, France and Israel, for writing against the unification of Germany since he himself believes that the unification of Germany amounts to the unification of Europe as a whole, Vanunu expresses astonishment that Germany paid 12bn marks to Russia for a bankrupt East Germany, believing that the payment "was for something else like nuclear weapons disarmament... because Germany was part of those states who cheated Russia to build Nuclear weapons", and calls the process "spies games". He asserts rather that "we are living in a new age. the age Democracy established in every state and it is too much strong that they could even allowed such groups like Neo Nazist in Germany or Jean Mary le pain in France or Zerinovsky in Moscow."

    Vanunu's second theme concerns the Jews who worked with the Germans in the camps to save themselves. He is adamant that "those Jews who worked in the camps are also criminals and should stand a trial and sentence. less severly punishment. [they are like a group of people who are in hunger and killing one of them and eating it. to survive is to murder]."

    He also states that Keiner does not understand German history since the Second World War, in his view, has been characterised by psychological warfare by England, France and Israel against Germany, brainwashing its citizens into a state of guilt about the war and the Holocaust ("...the Holocaust was not a product of something wrong with German mind. blood. but a product of the inveroment. Atmospheric. of the Age. History. and those who are condemning the German are themselves racist..."). He declares that the Germans "are no less equals to all Europe citizens. and even more equal about Holocaust" because in no other European country had the Jews "become so Educated. and rich and grow.", placing the blame instead on the war ("...the Holocaust was the product of the war not planed befor the war and by some party or Goverment fewe crazy minds..."). Wars, to his mind, are responsible for atrocities because in wars "people. all of them lowering their Moral standarts" and this is why England, France and Israel love wars ("...they can allowing themselves to commit many crimes. the differents now is they learn not to use their hands. keep their hands clean sending terrorists. and even criminal to kill John Kennedy - France. p.l.o - Israel I.R.A. - England...").

    Mordechai Vanunu was employed between 1976 and 1985 as a technician at the Negev Research Centre, located in the Negev Desert south of Dimona. In September 1986, in violation of his non-disclosure agreement, he revealed to the Sunday Times that Israel had nuclear weapons. He was lured by a Mossad agent, Cheryl Bentov, to Rome where he was drugged, transported to Israel and convicted of treason and espionage. He was kept in virtual isolation for eleven years. On his release in 2004 he said: "I am neither a traitor nor a spy, I only wanted the world to know what was happening... We don't need a Jewish State. There needs to be a Palestinian state. Jews can and have lived anywhere, so a Jewish State is not necessary."

    Vanunu received the Right of Livelihood Award in 1987, an honorary doctorate from the University of Tromso in 2001, was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize every year from 1988 to 2004, received the Peace Prize of the Norwegian People in 2005 and was elected as Rector of Glasgow University for three years in 2004.

    This appears to be the first letter by Vanunu to have come onto the market.
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