A French Tapestry France size approximately 6ft. 10in. x 8ft. 5in.
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A French Tapestry France size approximately 6ft. 10in. x 8ft. 5in.
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A French Tapestry
16th century
size approximately 6ft. 10in. x 8ft. 5in.


  • This is a mid-16th Century Flemish work probably Audenaerde.
    The posture of the people is typical of the mannerist period which is inspired by Italian painter.
    They had a tendency to over exaggerate normal human poses up to a point where it looked unnatural.
    It is of course a verdure with hunting scene.
    On the foreground, it's a hunting scene where animals (predators) hunt other animals.
    A lion, a lioness and a hyena have targeted two deer and a sheep.
    On the middle ground, it's a regular "chasse a courre" which means stag-hunting.
    This type of hunting is based on using dogs to track the pray, wound it and corner it until it is tired.
    Then the hunter makes the kill from up close with the a spear or a bow.
    The scene depicts 4 men and a woman cornering a deer in a pond with the help of 4 dogs.
    One of the hunter's is sounding the bugle to declare victory while the others are closing in on the deer.
    This type of stag-hunting Tapestry were very popular in Europe and still are now worldwide.
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