Family Dog Group Lot. 24 Posters.  FD-90. Canned Heat. 11/3-5/67. Super Ball. OP-1., FD no. 91 Youngbloods, 11/10-12.; FD-92. Bo Diddley. 11/17-19/67. Squiggly Trinity. OP-1. FD-93. Big Brother. 11/23-25/67. Optical Occlusion. OP-1. FD-94. Flatt & Scruggs. 11/30-12/2/67. Nashville Katz. OP-1.  FD-95. Jim Kweskin. 12/8-10/67. Avalon Splash. OP-1. FD-95. Jim Kweskin. 12/8-10/67. Avalon Splash. OP-1. (Additional copy). FD-96. Quicksilver Messenger Service. 12/15-17/67. Dance Dance. OP-1.  FD-97. Siegal Schwall. 12/21-23/6
Lot 2316
A large group of Family Dog posters
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A large group of Family Dog posters
24 in all, 1967-8; FD-90-OP-1, Canned Heat "Super Ball"; FD-91-OP-1, Youngbloods "Sunny Side In"; FD-92-OP-1, Bo Diddley "Squiggly Trinity"; FD-93-OP-1, Big Brother and the Holding Company "Optical Occlusion"; FD-94-OP-1, Flatt & Scruggs "Nashville Katz"; FD-95-OP-1, Jim Kweskin Jug Band "Avalon Splash" (2 copies); FD-96-OP-1. Quicksilver Messenger Service "Dance Dance"; FD-97-OP-1, Siegal Schwall "Collage"; FD-98-OP-1, Jim Kweskin Jug Band "Tree Frog"; FD-99-OP-1, Blue Cheer "Sitting Pretty"; FD-100-OP-1, Youngbloods "Rocking Cloud"; FD-102-OP-1, Genesis "Rocking Chair"; FD-103-OP-1, Country Joe and the Fish "Heavy"; FD-104-OP-1, Electric Flag "The Finger Poster"; FD-105-OP-1, Siegal Schwall "Moby Dragon"; FD-106-OP-1, Youngbloods; FD-107-OP-1, Quicksilver Messenger Service "The Circus in Common"; FD-108-OP-1, Blues Project "Peyote Bud"; FD-109-OP-1 or RP-2, Love "Lovelady"; FD-110-OP-1, Blood, Sweat & Tears "Libertie";
FD-111-OP-1, Siegal Schwall "Charlie Chaplin"; FD-112-OP-1, Jerry Steig" Triplets."
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