8. Family Dog Group Lot. 22 Posters. FD-61. Doors. 5/12-13/67. Butterfly Lady. RP-2. FD-62. Quicksilver Messenger Service. 5/19-21/67. Sutters Mill. OP-2. FD-63. Charlatans. CHA. 5/26-28/67. RP-2.  FD-65. Big Brother. 6/8-11/67. Aunt Jemima or Magic Show. RP-2.  FD-66. Strongman. 6/15-18/67. Believed to be OP-1. FD-67. RLAT.  Charlatans. 6/22-25/67. RP-2.  FD-68. Avalon Ballroom. 6/29/67-7/2/67. OP-1. FD-70. Miller Blues Band. 7/6-9/67. Chicago Fire. OP-1.  FD-72. Big Brother 7/20-23/
Lot 2315
A large group of Family Dog posters
Sold for US$ 1,250 inc. premium
Lot Details
A large group of Family Dog posters
22 in all, 1967; comprising FD-61-RP-2, Doors "Butterfly Lady"; FD-62-OP-2, Quicksilver Messenger Service "Sutters Mill"; FD-63-RP-2, Charlatans "CHA"; FD-65-RP-2, Big Brother and the Holding Company "Aunt Jemima or Magic Show"; FD-66-OP-1 or RP-2, Strongman; FD-67-RP-2, Charlatans "RLAT"; FD-68-OP-1, Avalon Ballroom; FD-70-OP-1, Miller Blues Band "Chicago Fire"; FD-72-OP-1, Big Brother and the Holding Company; FD-73-OP-1, Captain Beefheart "Smiling Hun"; FD-74-OP-1, Charles Lloyd Quartet "Tripping or Taj Mahal"; FD-75-OP-1, Moby Grape "Three Bares"; FD-76-OP-1; Quicksilver Messenger Service "High Yo Silver"; FD-77-OP-1; Big Brother and the Holding Company "War and Peace"; FD-79-RP-2, Denver Opening; FD-80-OP-1, South Side Sound System "The Tea Party"; FD-82-OP-1, The Head; FD-83-OP-1, Charlatans "Sky Web"; FD-85-OP-1, . Vanilla Fudge "Dian"; FD-86.-OP-1, Blue Cheer "Flower Pot"; FD-87-OP-1, Buddy Guy "King of Spades"; FD-88-OP-1, Van Morrison "Ohm."
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Saleroom notices

  • Please note that this lot contains 21 posters, not 22, and FD-34 is RP-2 not OP-2.
  1. Lucy Carr
    Specialist - Entertainment Memorabilia
    7601 W. Sunset Boulevard
    Los Angeles, 90046
    United States
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