Family Dog Group Lot. 21 posters. FD-1. Jefferson Airplane. 2/19/66. Tribal Stomp. RP-2. FD-2. Great Society. 2/26/66. King Kong. RP-2. FD-3. Paul Butterfield. 3/25-27/66. RP-2. FD-4. Love. 4/8-9/66. Dirty Old Man. RP-5. FD-5. Blues Project. 4/22-23/66. 3rd or RP-4. FD-7. Daily Flash. 5/6-7/66. Euphoria. RP-4.  FD-8. Blues Project. 5/13-14/66. Laugh Cure. RP-3. FD-9. Love. 5/20-22/66. Hupmobile 8. RP-3.  FD-11. Grass Roots. 6/3-4/66. Stone Façade. RP-2. FD-13. Captain Beefheart. 6/1
Lot 2313
A large group of Family Dog posters
Sold for US$ 1,500 inc. premium
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A large group of Family Dog posters
21 in all, 1966; FD-1-RP-2, Jefferson Airplane "Tribal Stomp"; FD-2-RP-2, Great Society "King Kong"; FD-3-RP-2, Paul Butterfield, 1966; FD-4-RP-5, Love "Dirty Old Man"; FD-5-RP-3 or RP-4, Blues Project; FD-7-RP-4, Daily Flash "Euphoria"; FD-8-RP-3, Blues Project "Laugh Cure"; FD-9-RP-3, Love "Hupmobile"; FD-11-RP-2, Grass Roots "Stone Façade"; FD-13-RP-2, Captain Beefheart "Red Bull"; FD-15-RP-2, Grass Roots "Wonderland"; FD-17-RP-4, Jefferson Airplane "Snake Lady"; FD-18-RP-2, Bo Diddley "Voice of Music"; FD-19-RP-2 Big Brother "Dollar Bill"; FD-21-RP-2 Bo Diddley/Big Brother and the Holding Company "Earthquake"; FD-22-RP-3, Grateful Dead "Frankenstein"; FD-24-RP-2, 13th Floor Elevators "Tree House"; FD-25-RP-2, Quicksilver Messenger Service "Indian"; FD-26-RP-3, Grateful Dead "Skeleton & Roses"; FD-28-RP-4, 13th Floor Elevators "Zebra Man"; FD-28-OP-1,13th Floor Elevators.
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