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A Charlie Parker Buescher Aristocrat E-flat alto saxophone
US$ 22,000 - 26,000
£13,000 - 15,000
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A Charlie Parker Buescher Aristocrat E-flat alto saxophone
Elkart, Indiana, circa 1930s, with mother-of-pearl finger pads, True-Tone Pitch, serial number 265359 in its fitted leather case; together with a DVD of the "History Detectives" episode that featured this saxophone and a recording of a KCSM 91.1 interview with Jenifer Hood about Bill Hood, January 6, 2002.

Jazz saxophonist Bill Hood often played with Charlie Parker, as well as other great musicians such as Dizzy Gillespie, Sarah Vaughan and Marty Paich. Hood and Parker were scheduled to play together one night at a Portland jazz club (circa 1953), when Parker arrived without his sax. Hood asked Parker where his instrument was and Parker responded that he had pawned it. Hood could not believe that Parker would part with something so important. Parker replied that if it was so important to him, he was welcome to have it and gave Hood the pawn ticket, which he later redeemed.

Hood's daughter (the current owner) inherited the saxophone from her father and began to investigate the connection between her father and Charlie Parker. The jazz historian Bob Dietsche, featured on the television show "History Detectives," verified the details to this story by checking out the serial number and confirming that Charlie Parker was in Portland at the time of the purchase. He also contacted the only remaining pawn shop in Portland that existed in the 1950s and spoke to the owner, who verified that Charlie Parker had indeed pawned his alto saxophone with the company.
Height, 25 in.
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