Extraterrestrial Olivine, 0.65 cts., Small nugget 5.26 g.(2)
Lot 1388
Extraterrestrial Olivine ((Admireite) Cut Stone and Pallasitic Meteorite Pairing
US$ 2,000 - 2,500
£1,200 - 1,500
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Extraterrestrial Olivine ((Admireite) Cut Stone and Pallasitic Meteorite Pairing
Stony Iron--Pallasite MG
Admire, Lyon Co., Kansas

A stony-iron, or pallasite, Admire has small crystals of yellow-green olivine which have been dubbed –"gemstones from outer space". Some of the crystals are of such fine quality as to be classified as peridot, and a handful of these gems have been faceted. Only approximately 1% of the olivine crystals are facetable, most are too included or "friable" to be able to undergo the process, despite the superior hardness of celestial peridot with a Mohs 6.5. Most extraterrestrial olivines contain inclusions. Admire Meteoritic peridot must have inclusions in the crystals, which is what distinquishes them from terresterial (Earth) peridot. The present offering includes a circular-cut faceted olivine, weighing approximately 0.65 carats; the small nugget, weighing approximately 5.26 grams.(2)
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