Rare Collection of Eleven Liddicoatite Slices
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Rare Collection of Eleven Liddicoatite Tourmaline Slices
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Rare Collection of Eleven Liddicoatite Tourmaline Slices
Anjanabonoina, Madagascar
Named for Richard T. Liddicot (1918-2003), a gemologist who invented the diamond grading system, in honor of his many contributions to the Gemological Institute of America, liddicoatite is a rare variety of tourmaline and Madagascar is its type locality.

It is found in stout crystals, striated along their lengths with astonishing and complex multi-colored color-zoning in triangular patterns, which are exposed when crystals are cut perpendicular to their elongation in cross-section slices as they are seen in this offering. These huge crystals are found in pegmatites in various parts of Madagascar.

This is a rare collection of consecutive slices from a very large crystal of classic hexagonal outline. Centering on a greenish-brown triangular formation, with a green exterior and complete crystal edges, each slice is polished on both sides. One can only imagine the overall size of the original crystal that would have such a sizeable diameter.

Mostly of hexagonal outline with the original crystal surfaces visible to the edges, several slices have pink cores within the green borders, polished on both sides. Sets of sequential slices of Liddicoatite are very rare and this is an exceptional offering. (11)
Total aggregate weight of all slices: 10,600 carats (2120 grams). Measures 6 x 6 in with a 4.0mm thickness


  • Illustration shows only ten of the eleven Liddicoatite slices.
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