Bloodstone carving of a female nude on hemi morphite base
Lot 1296
Bloodstone Carving of a Female Nude
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£650 - 890
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Bloodstone Carving of a Female Nude
Bloodstone is sometimes referred to as Blood Jasper in the trade, although that is a misnomer. Not really a jasper, bloodstone is actually a dark green chalcedony, a crypto-crystalline quartz (simply meaning that these crystals are too small that it cannot be distinguished by the naked eye). Appearing to be glassy to waxy, the color can sometimes be inconsistent as the green color is derived from chlorite particles, while the red spots are caused by iron oxide. It is unusual to see ornamental carvings of bloodstone. The carver of the present sculpture, ingeniously utilized the full color range of the rough to depict her lovely figure as she bathes. The base is formed of a Chinese hemimorphite specimen on a carved onyx base. Height 11in
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