Gypsy woman, malachite skirt, serpentine
Lot 1273
Carved Gemstone Figure of a Gypsy Woman
Sold for US$ 22,500 inc. premium
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Carved Gemstone Figure of a Gypsy Woman
By Paul Dreher
Idar-Oberstein, Germany

The gypsy woman was a popular subject matter with Fabergé as well as the German workshops of Idar-Oberstein. The subject is rendered here with a skirt carved from a single rough of malachite, the concentric banding suggesting the folds of draped fabric. The blouse is carved of green serpentine, while the shoulders are draped with a speckled jasper "shawl". Her head scarf, carved of vermillion red South African jasper partially covers her black onyx hair. The face and hands are carved of translucent brown chalcedony, the eyes set with single-cut diamonds. The shoes carved of black onyx. Her earrings formed of 14K yellow gold hoops and the neck chain suspending a pendant of miniature coins. Height 7 1/2 in
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