A group of sterling table articles  (13)
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A group of sterling table articles (13)
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Property from the Estate of Charles and Eleanor de Limur, San Francisco. Items from the collection the de Limur's started two generations ago. Most were acquired during the de Limur's long tenure living in Paris at the Palais Royale in the 1960's.
A group of sterling table articles

Comprising: gravy boat with attached under tray, # 709, Gorham, length: 7 3/4in; sugar caster, # 1665, La Pierre, height: 8 1/2in; tripod shell dish, #144, Fisher, length: 6in; footed divided double bowl, # X502, Reed & Barton, length: 10in; set 5 miniature porringers, # 581, Lunt, length: 3in; and 2 pairs of casters: # 2818, monogrammed: ESW, Shreve & Co., height: 5in and by another, height: 4 1/4in, weight 44.20oz. (13)
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