A group of four Grand Tour  bronzes 19th century
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A group of four Grand Tour bronzes 19th century
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Souvenirs of the Grand Tour In the 18th century, young and privileged Englishmen embarked on an experience called the Grand Tour. They traveled Europe where they visited cherished ruins of the ancient world with the purpose of enriching their lives with language, culture, art and architecture. Mementos and trophies were collected along the way to remind them of their adventures and explorations. Property from the Collection of Joseph Klein (1899-1987), New York, New York Mr. Joseph Klein sought out and acquired these souvenirs as part of his vast collecting interest. Said to have collected in the manner of a 18th century connoisseur, his overall collection showcased his diverse array of artifacts acquired over a period of 45 years and included the art of ancient China, Egypt, Persia, Greece and Rome.
A group of four Grand Tour bronzes
19th century
Comprising a model of a lion raised on a rectangular plinth, height 5 1/4in; bronze inkwell surmounted by a figure wrestling a snake after the antique of the Della Valle Hercules, height 6 1/4in; Venus after Giambologna, height overall 7 3/4in and a small late 19th century Neapolitan bronze of the Dancing Faun of Pompeii, height 6 1/4in.
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