Two hardstone paperweights with silvered-metal figure of a walrus; Mexican pewter box and a hardstone veneered box with metal gecko
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An assembled grouping
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Property from the Estate of JohnTraina, San Francisco John A. Traina Jr. was a well known San Francisco businessman, entrepreneur, collector and bon vivant who was renowned for his impeccable style and limitless charm. As a serious collector of fine art, antiques, designer decor, natural curiosities and objet d'art, he curated a collection that was the epitome of worldly elegance and San Francisco chic. In celebration of his vitality and spirit, Bonhams is honored to offer selected property from his estate.
An assembled grouping
Comprising two hardstone paperweights each with silvered or gilt metal figure of a walrus, length 6 1/8in; Portuguese pewter rectangular box by De Quevedo, length 8 3/4in and a hardstone veneered box with metal gecko, length 7 1/4in.
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