Eileen Stevens
Lot 315W
Eileen Yaritja Stevens (ca. 1915-2008)
Wanaupi Tjukurpa, 2006
US$ 3,000 - 5,000
€2,200 - 3,600
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Eileen Yaritja Stevens (ca. 1915-2008)
Wanaupi Tjukurpa, 2006
38 by 42in (97 x 107cm)
Synthetic polymer paint on linen canvas
Artist's name and Tjungu Palya Catalog #TPEYS06381 on reverse side

Tjungu Palya, South Australia (Certificate Catalog #TPEYS06381)
Aboriginal & Pacific Art Gallery, Sydney
Private American Collection

The artist was a senior Pitjantjatjara artist (South Australia) whose work is defined by a vibrant palate imparting linear abstraction to her work.
The painting depicts mythological water snake men dreaming for Nyapari at a place called Piltati.
Eileen Stevens is represented in numerous public and private collections.
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