Maori Nose Flute, New Zealand
Lot 303
Fine and Rare Maori Bugle Flute, New Zealand
US$ 18,000 - 24,000
€13,000 - 17,000
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Fine and Rare Maori Bugle Flute, New Zealand
height 13 1/4in (33.5cm)

Private Collection, London

"The putorino have only two notes and were probably used to signal when a chief was returning to a village." (Mead, 1985: p 210).

According to Wardwell (1984: p 216), "These instruments were made by first carving a piece of wood into the desired elongated shape and then carefully splitting it down the middle. Each side was next evenly hollowed out, in some cases to extreme thinness. The hole was then cut and sculpture and reliefs were carved around it."
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