Zande Pipe
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Zande Pipe, Kinshasa, Uele Region, Democratic Republic of the Congo
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Zande Pipe, Kinshasa, Uele Region, Democratic Republic of the Congo
height 13in (33cm), length 11 5/8in (29.5cm)
Wood, ivory, metal

Collected circa 1910-20
Sotheby's, London, November 29, 1979, Lot 130
Henri Kamer, New York and Paris
Private Collection, New York

Yale-Van Rijn Archive of African Art, No. 0042509-01, illustrated.

In this very fine pipe, the bowl is carved with an elongated oval human face having incised small cowrie shaped eyes, brows and open mouth; the nose and chin carved in relief; the ears carved in relief on sides of head. Intricately carved horizontal and diagonal linear lines decorate the sides and back of bowl. The curved wood section below bowl is inset with metal pieces extending to carved, ivory tusk section. The ivory section is carved with ridges yielding eight flat planes and a wrought metal pin for attachment of ivory to wood section. Glossy patina overall.

"Petherick said that the Zande were great smokers of tobacco, of their own growth, mixed with the rind of the banana, also indigenous to the country."(J. Petherick 1861, Egypt, The Sudan and Central Africa, p. 466)

"Petherick (1813-82), a businessman who lived in Khartoum from 1853 to 1858, mounted several trading expeditions into the Sudanese interior during this period. He entered Zande territory for the first time on 24th February 1858, while on his fifth such expedition, visiting the villages of Mundo, Kangamboo and Baranj." (Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, UK)

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