A group of five ivory and wood netsuke
Lot 3169Y
Two wood and three ivory netsuke
Sold for US$ 2,750 inc. premium
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Lot Details
Two wood and three ivory netsuke
Consisting of a stained boxwood tanuki wrapped in lotus leaves; an ingenious ivory carving fashioned as a box surmounted by a turtle and opening to reveal a miniature figure of Urashimataro below a cresting wave, signed Gaho (Imai Shunji, 1901-); an early 20th century stained ivory toggle of fruit and a leafy daikon surmounted by a small snail; a Meiji/Taisho period ivory figural carving of a monkey with a magnifying glass viewing an insect on a persimmon to the front, bearing the signature Masatomo; and a boxwood figure of an emaciated townsman surprised by a rat, signed Shumin
2in (5in) height of first
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  1. Jeff Olson
    Specialist - Asian Art
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    New York, 10022
    United States
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