William Scott R.A. (British, 1913-1989) Still Life on Brown with Beans 61.5 x 61 cm. (24 1/4 x 24 in.)
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William Scott R.A. (British, 1913-1989) Still Life on Brown with Beans (1978) 61 x 61 cm. (24 x 24 in.)
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William Scott R.A. (British, 1913-1989)
Still Life on Brown with Beans (1978)
signed 'W.SCOTT' (verso)
oil on canvas
61 x 61 cm. (24 x 24 in.)
This work is registered in the William Scott Archive as number 1088


    With Gallery Moos, Toronto
    With Martha Jackson Gallery, New York
    The artist
    With Gimpel Fils, London
    With Beaux Arts, Bath, where purchased by the present owner circa 1983

    Toronto, Gallery Moos, William Scott, 7–25 October 1978
    London, Gimpel Fils, William Scott. Every Picture Tells a Story, 26 February–30 March 1985, no.33 (dated c.1978)

    William Scott was devoted to painting still-life throughout his career. During the post war years, these compositions were received with great acclaim as Scott became a key figure in progressive British art. Portraying the reality of the kitchen, they would typically comprise the likes of fish, eggs, lemons and various kitchen utensils on a defined tabletop. Green beans first seem to appear in his canvases in the late 1940s and perhaps the best-known example is Still Life with Colander (Private Collection) executed in 1948. For the next thirty years some of his most important and impressive paintings centred on still-life, however, by the 1970s the style of them had changed considerably. In his literature on the artist, Norbert Lynton comments:

    'The main difference between these late paintings and their early precursors is of course the new works' concentration on just a few items: a fish on a plate where there were several, a plate with a few green beans where they would have been accompanied by many other kitchen items. The tabletop is almost always up-ended now to fill the surface as a ground, and thus loses its connotation. An exception is Orchard of Pears No. 6 (1976-77), in which three pears are on a plate and two are beside it, on a grey ground that may represent a table.' (Norbert Lynton, William Scott, Thames and Hudson, London, 2004, p.354).

    In keeping with Lynton's observations, Still Life on Brown with Beans simply incorporates four vertical beans and a bowl. Whilst it is likely the brown background is representative of a tablecloth, this is not implicit and the movement of a bean off the canvas together with the linear nature of the bowl lends a minimalist abstraction to the picture.
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