Anonymous Edo Period, 18th/19th century
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Anonymous Edo Period, 18th/19th century
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Anonymous Edo Period, 18th/19th century Anonymous Edo Period, 18th/19th century
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Edo Period, 18th/19th century
A six-fold screen, painted in ink and colour on a gold-leaf paper ground, alluding to a feat of archery from the Heike Monogatari ('The Tales of Heike'), showing the mounted archer Nasuno Yoichi, riding out into the water at the Battle of Yashima having just hit his target of the fan, with both the Taira and Minamoto armies watching; unsigned. 164.5cm x 362.4cm (64½in x 142½in).


  • 扇の的(平家物語)図屏風 無銘 六曲一隻 紙本金地着色 江戸時代(18世紀/19世紀)

    This is the famous scene of virtuoso archery from Volume 11 of the thirteenth-century epic 'Tale of the Heike'. In 1185, a contingent of the Minamoto (or Genji) clan, under the leadership of Yoshitsune, pursue the Taira or (Heike) to Yashima on the shore of Shikoku in the Inland Sea. The Minamoto drive the Taira out to sea. At dusk, a Taira boat rows close to shore and an elegant young woman wearing red and white emerges from the cabin. She erects a pole with a fan attached to the top and beckons to the warriors on the shore, enticing them to use the fan for target practice. The real intent is to lure the Taira close enough to shoot them. The Minamoto select Nasu no Yoichi, noted for his accuracy. Yoichi rides some thirty-five feet into the sea and launches a shaft that travels unerringly to its mark. Warriors on both sides applaud his achievement.
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