Kano Tanrei (1857-1931) Circa 1922
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Kano Tanrei (1857-1931) Circa 1922
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Kano Tanrei (1857-1931) Circa 1922 Kano Tanrei (1857-1931) Circa 1922
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Kano Tanrei (1857-1931)
Circa 1922
Kakejiku, in ink and gold on silk, with five entwined dragons, appearing out of the ocean, emerging from waves enveloped in clouds and mist, dwarfing the three small turtles hurled around by the violent splashes, the scene possibly depicting the 'Dragon Gate' on the upper reaches of the Yellow River where a carp, according to legend, managed to leap up the rapids and transformed into a dragon, signed Kano Tanrei rokujugosai hitus (Painted by Kano Tanrei at the age of Sixty-five) with seal Kano; with wood tomobako titled and signed by the artist Ryumon; Shichiju-ichi o Tanrei shirusu (Dragon gate; recorded by Tanrei, an old man of seventy-one) with seal, together with outer wood box. 199cm x 86cm (78 3/8in x 33 7/8in). (3).


  • 龍門図 狩野探令筆 一幅 絹本墨画 1922年頃

    Kano Tanrei was a Japanese-style painter. Born in Yamagata prefecture, his real name was Araki Jotaro. He went to Edo to study under Kikukawa Ensai and Tachibana Moritoshi, who were the pupils of the Kajiyabashi branch of the Kano school. He joined the Nihon Bijutsu Kyokai and received many high prizes.

    He also founded the Kano-kai (Kano Association) with Okakura Shusui (1869-circa 1950) and Oka Fuho (1869-1940), devoting himself to the revival of the Kano School. After this he was permitted to prefix his name with Kano in Taisho 5 (1916).
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