An Egyptian grano-diorite relief fragment
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An Egyptian granodiorite relief fragment
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An Egyptian granodiorite relief fragment
New Kingdom, Ramesside Period, 19th Dynasty, circa 1295-1186 B.C.
In sunken relief, showing the profile of a king wearing the crown of Lower Egypt, fake beard and broad collar, holding a hes-vessel in his left hand, 15in (38cm) high, mounted


  • Provenance:
    English private collection, formed between the 1920s-1970s.

    This fragment is probably part of a larger scene depicting a ritual being performed during the Sed Festival to celebrate the Pharaoh's thirty years of rule. The king is shown running, holding two identical hes-vessels in both hands. Similar scenes can be often found on door lintels in sanctuaries throughout the Ramesside Period, usually in red granite, cf. P. Lacau, H. Chevrier at al., Una chapelle d'Hatshepsout à Karnak, vol. I-II, Cairo, 1977-79, p.153, pl.87.
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