A group of Ilkhanid belt fittings 13th-14th century gilt bronze (11)
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A group of Ilkhanid gilt copper belt Fittings Persia, 13th/14th Century(11)
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A group of Ilkhanid gilt copper belt Fittings
Persia, 13th/14th Century
the fittings cast and with punched decoration, each depicting a repoussé work scene of two rhinosauruses either side of a tree, the backs with remains of leather straps and copper rivets
the largest 5.7 x 3.6 x 1 cm.(11)


  • The most common surviving elements of horse trappings are buckles for the saddle girth, bridle and harness. Examples have been found, in gold, silver and nephrite often with images of animals, most commonly dragons, deer and birds.
    The elaborate nature of horse fittings is a mark of the status and significance of horses throughout Ilkhanid and Mongol history. As a nomadic dynasty, the Ilkhanids administered and protected their empire on horseback and a deep appreciation of their horsese led the Ilkhans to continue the profuse decoration of their cavalry even after the post-nomadic urban format of the "court" had been adopted.

    From the quality and material of the present fittings, it is clear that they were used by an individual of rank. This set would have been used specifically to embellish the bridle and the various straps which ran along the sides of the horse.

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