A selection of books and catalogues on Chinese bronzes and metalwork
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A selection of books and catalogues on Chinese bronzes and metalwork
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Property from the Jing Hai Tang Collection

The Jing Hai Tang Reference Library

The Jing Hai Tang reference library and collection was amassed by private collectors during their long residence in Hong Kong from 1970 to 2000. In addition to reference materials, they collected in a number of areas including ceramics, furniture and paintings during that dynamic period when Hong Kong rose to prominence as a leading center for the study and collection of Chinese art.
A selection of books and catalogues on Chinese bronzes and metalwork
The Bella and P.P. Chiu Collection of Ancient Chinese Bronzes, Jessica Rawson, Hong Kong, 1988.
The Ornaments of Late Chou Bronzes: A Method of Analysis, George W. Weber, Jr., Rutgers University Press, New Brunswick, New Jersey, 1973.
Ancient Chinese Bronzes in the Collection of the Shanghai Museum, Urban Council, Hong Kong, Hong Kong Museum of Art, 1983.
Early Chinese Bronzes, Albert J. Koop, New York, 1924.
A Catalogue of the Chinese Bronzes in the Pillsbury Collection, Bernhard Karlgren, 1952.
The Cull Chinese Bronzes, Perceval W. Yetts, London, Courtold Institute, 1939.
Ancient Chinese Bronzes of Shang and Chou Dynasties, Willem Van Heusden, 1952.
Chinese Bronzes from the Buckingham Collection, Kelley, C & Chen, Meng-chia, 1946.
Chinese Bronze Age Weapons, Max Loehr, Werner Jennings Collection, Peking, 1956.
Chinese Bronzes from the Chester Dale & Dolly Carter Collection, E. Von Erdberg, 1978.
Decoration of Mirrors of the Han Period, A. Bulling, Artibus Asiae, Ascona, 1960.
Ornaments of Late Chou Bronzes, A Method of Analysis, Charles W. Weber, 1973.
Bronze Culture of Ancient China, W. C. White, Toronto, 1956.
Bronze Casting and Bronze Alloys in Ancient China, Noel Barnard, 1961.
Bronzes Antique de la Chine; Appartenant a C. T. Loo, To-Yi Tchou, 1924.
Inlaid Bronzes of the Han Dynasty in the Collection of C. T. Loo, M. Rostovteff, 1927.
Sino-Siberian Art in the C. T. Loo Collection, Salmony, 1933.
Bronze, Clay and Stone: C. C. Wang Family Collection, Annette L. Juliano, 1988.
Later Chinese Bronzes, Rose Kerr, Victoria and Albert Museum, London, 1990.
Volumes I and II of The Freer Chinese Bronzes, Pope, Gettings, Cahill and Barnard, 1967-1969.
Ancient Chinese Bronze Art; Casting the Sacral Vessel, W. T. Chase, New York, 1991.
Early Chinese Art: Cunliffe Collection, Bluett, London, 1973. [22]
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