9 Early Photos from the Muppet Show
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A collection of 9 sheets of Jim Henson character and story ideas for The Muppet Show
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A collection of 9 sheets of Jim Henson character and story ideas for The Muppet Show
[1974, AVT Studios, London.] Each leaf contains either one or more Polaroid image or a color pencil sketch plus handwritten notes explaining the character or scene; sent by Henson to ATV Studios in London in anticipation of a 1974 pitch meeting. Each sheet is archivally mounted on board and framed within a custom plexi-glass cube.
Present are:
1. "The Pigs – Life Size- Piggy Lee and Hamilton Pigg. She is delicate and lovely – He is cigar smoking – epitome of grossness"; 2 Polaroids mounted to single leaf. The introduction of "Miss Piggy."
2. "The Guru – life sized – speaks with slight Indian accent – known to fall asleep while talking"; 2 Polaroids mounted on single leaf.
3. "Puppet Comedy Piece 'Give Me Five Minutes More' / In which a big ugly female monster pursues a meek little guy trying to hug and kiss him, and singing to him, "Give me five minutes more" etc. At tag- she runs into H. Alpert at band and chases him off. Done against cyc – no set or foreground"; single Polaroid mounted to single leaf.
4. "The Musician / Life size – slightly inebriated, could be part of the band"; 2 Polaroids mounted to single leaf. Puppet photographed with Richard Hunt.
5. "Muppet Dance Piece / 4 numbers – each 2 minutes of under – Possibly use a set-up where the Muppet area is next to the band – or apparently [sic]: with a sketch of the area in front of the band for numbers 2 & 4. Background darkish – floor dark"; with color pencil sketch of band and muppets on single leaf.
6. "Dance Piece #1 / Snerf dance – (5 Snerfs) "In a Little Spanish Town" – Piece starts with one – then 2, 3 , 4 & 5 – then Dwight uses technical effect and we get 10 then twenty for big finish"; 2 Polaroids mounted to double leaf, plus detailed notations regarding set up. Jim Henson appears in both Polaroids.
7. "Dance Piece #2 / Gazelles 'Solace' or another trumpet solo – to be determined – Two Gazelles do graceful flirtation – male & female around H. Alpert as he plays solo – do a series of runs and leaps in air. Done in front of band on floor"; 2 Polaroids mounted on board, with additional sketches. Jim Henson appears in both Polaroids.
8. "Dance Piece #3 "Whipped Cream"
Three new characters do dance – start with Cool Cat – enter Slinky the Vamp – finally Heap – There is a stand-off between Cool Cat and Heap – Slinky gets them both. Would be done at Muppet 6' wall – actually 6' 1" high Background could be cyc –any color"
; color sketchs on double leaf.
9. "Dance Piece #4 Boss Men 'Love Potion #9' / Two gigantic feather guys each about 14' tall – work in front of band with H. Alpert. Same kind of set-up as Gazelles – dark background & floor – Puppeteers show, but in silhouette only. Puppeteer in black with black hood"; color sketches on double leaf.

The Muppet Show filmed two pilots, one in 1974 and one in 1975, before the show aired in syndication beginning in 1976 with Gary Smith and Dwight Hemion producing and directing.
11 x 14in (five) and 14 x 17in (four)
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