Yoruba Shango Staff
Lot 264
Yoruba Shango Staff, Nigeria
US$ 7,000 - 9,000
€5,100 - 6,500
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Yoruba Shango Staff
Lot Details
Yoruba Shango Staff, Nigeria
height 13 3/8in (34cm)
oshe shango, the cylindrical handle supporting a round platform with a kneeling mother wearing a skirt and carrying her child on her back, the voluminous breasts beneath an oval face with naturalistic features and scarification marks, wearing an elaborate tripartite coiffure supporting a large shango thunder axe, edun era; fine, smooth dark-reddish-brown patina.

Private Collection, Switzerland

cf. Phillips, Tom, Africa: The Art of a Continent, Prestel, 1996, p. 425
Fagg, William and John Pemberton, Yoruba: Sculpture of the West, William Collins Sons, 1982, p. 90
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